Medical Weight Loss

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Dr. Marcia Hartt offers consultation for the Ideal Protein Medical Weightloss Program.

Helping You Reach Your Goals

We believe in you, now believe in yourself! We are committed to helping you reach your goals, and will support you for as long as it takes. With all the diet programs out there, why should you choose this program?

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  • Medically designed weight loss protocol with 25 years of success
  • Based on rapid fat loss while sparing the lean body mass (muscle)
  • Good for all amounts of weight loss whether the dreaded last 5 lbs or greater than 100 lbs
  • Individual weekly coaching and daily check-ins if you need it. We are here to help you succeed.
  • Easy to prepare, affordable and delicious food and recipes
  • You can still eat out at restaurants
  • Lifestyle education, coaching and guidance to help you sustain your Ideal Weight
  • You will NOT be hungry!
  • Because YOU deserve it!

Medical Weight Loss that Works

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Are you tired of yo-yo dieting? Have you found that your old dieting tricks are no longer working? We have a solution…

The Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method is a weight and lifestyle management protocol designed by physicians and based on validated science for safe, rapid weight loss. It was developed 25 years ago, and has shown repeatable, predictable and sustainable weight loss results. The Protocol is a medically supervised program featuring one-on-one personalized weight loss coaching and healthier lifestyle education.

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The Ideal Protein Protocol was designed to be prescribed and supervised by healthcare professionals as a means to help reduce obesity and teach individuals how to eat and live a healthy lifestyle. In doing so, Ideal Protein has had life-changing effects on overall health and well-being for thousands of dieters by tackling the root cause of weight gain – the body’s overproduction of insulin. For more information visit

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