3 steps to bright, clear, glowing skin!

Step 1: Lumecca IPL Treatment

Start – with a powerful light-based treatment that targets pigmentation issues to:

  • reduce sun damage
  • reduced redness & broken capillaries
  • promote even-toned skin

Step 2: Jessner Chemical Peel

Next- remove the outer layer of damaged skin with our most aggressive chemical peel for the following benefits:
  • reduced fine lines & wrinkles
  • reduced acne
  • reduced acne scars
  • reduced pigmentation and melasma
  • stimulated collagen production
  • improved skin texture & tone

Step 3: Dermaplaning Facial

Last- remove the itchy dead skin from the Jessner Peel with dermaplaning, for increased benefits of:

  • reduced fine lines & wrinkles
  • glowing skin 
  • reduced hyperpigmentation 
  • smoother texture & brighter skin
  • improved exfoliation & increased product absorption