Specials (Annual Reset Package)

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Reset your skin with 4 amazing skin treatments PLUS a complete line of ZO Skin Health home care products.
Over 2 months, these aggressive anti-aging treatments will completely transform your skin and have you looking photoshopped! Don’t worry, we will be with you to hold your hand every step of the way!
Step 1: ZO Skin Health products (Value $395)
Meet with one of our medical aestheticians to ensure you are a candidate for this package, and learn about the different procedures and downtimes.
You will be given the ZO AntiAging Kit that contains 5 products to start your journey to beautiful skin. You will be shown how to apply and in what order. You will also be given the ZO Exfoliation Accelerator which you will use after your Microneedling treatment (Step 5).
Step 2: Laser Fractional Skin Resurfacing

This laser targets fine lines, pores, sun damage, scars and overall texture. The laser blasts new micro-chanels into the skin that stimulates the body to create new collagen and tissue. Your skin will feel sunburned for a day or 2 and have a rough texture before it starts to slough off.

Step 3: Dermaplaning Facial (5-7 days post Fractional)

This luxurious facial will remove all the dead skin from the fractional laser to reveal the glowing healthy skin underneath. Results are immediate and include improved skin tone & texture (softer, smoother & brighter skin) and increased absorption of topical skin products (over 50%). There is no down time.

Step 4: IPL Photofacial (Minimum 3 weeks post Dermaplaning)

Intense Pulsed Light is used to even out the complexion by targeting textural, pigmented and vascular damage. This treatment will help to suppress the vessels that cause overall redness and rosacea as well as improve sun damage. Your skin will feel warm after the treatment and your sun damage will darken slightly before it starts to clear. The downtime is very minimal and make up can be worn immediately after.

Step 5: Microneedling (Minimum 3 weeks post IPL)

Microneedling is our most popular spa procedure. Microneedling causes a controlled skin injury which your body then repairs and in doing so creates new collagen and elastin. This procedure is painless with our medical grade freezing. Immediate results include brighter, smoother skin with decreased pore size and pigmentation. Results at 8 -12 weeks include improved skin texture, skin tightening, reduction of acne scars, fine lines and wrinkles.

**Contraindications to this package include active acne, accutane or current sun exposure (within last 6 weeks).

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