How Microneedling can Help You!

You’re never too old to become younger.” ~Mae West

As our bodies change over time due to hormones, age, and the weather some of us are left wondering what happened to our youthful glow!

Age doesn’t define us, but our skin could give us away!

Scars, pigment, thin and wrinkled skin can be a thing of the past and the answer is with new skin rejuvenation procedures! This month we will be discussing Microneedling and the benefits this will have on your skin!

Microneedling is a minimally invasive treatment that involves the insertion of multiple small sterilized needles into the skin to induce collagen production.  

With many different devices out there you must be careful on how you choose to have your microneedling done. A stamp or a roller will not give you the amazing results you require. At our clinic we prefer to use a pen as it does not tear and damage the skin, and it provides more of a controlled injury.   

Our microneedling technology has 36 needles that puncture the skin 11 times a millisecond – that is a lot of pokes! However, the more pokes, the more controlled injury, which in turn creates more collagen production in the skin giving you amazing results.

The microneedling method is designed to help your skin texture by making it thicker and more elastic. This works very well for crepey skin under the eyes.  Microneedling is also beneficial in reducing the appearance of acne scars, stretch marks, decreasing wrinkles, pore size and pigment. 

Needles aren’t for you?

We know this may seem daunting and a bit painful, but rest assured you won’t feel a thing! At our clinic we apply a medical grade freezing to the area you are having done so the procedure is not only pain free but also relaxing. Catch a nap while rejuvenating your skin!

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Still on the fence? Let’s break it down…

While the procedure can take time, the healing is very quick! One day of redness with four days of light skin shedding. Gently exfoliating the skin during this process will help! It is important to use the proper cream after you’ve had your microneedling done and we include this with the treatment. As your body begins to heal you will see the healthy glow you’ve always wanted.

Before and After…

Immediate (1 week) results include:
Healthy radiant skin
Decreased pore size
Decreased pigmentation and sun damage

Long term (3 months) results include:
Improved skin texture and smoother skin
Skin tightening
Reduction of acne scars
Reduction of fine lines and wrinkles.

Microneedling is our most popular aesthetics treatment to date. We are amazed at the results our clients are getting and the constant demand for this treatment.

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